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How to choose a page boy suit

When it comes to a wedding, we usually give importance only to the Bride’s dress. But what is equally important are the flower girl dresses and the Page Boy Suits Sydney who together complete the whole look of the wedding and bring together a theme. Let’s specifically talk about page boy suits now. Here, we have given you some simple tips which should help you in selecting the perfect suit for your little prince –

Comfort and sizing – Page boys are very young, so whatever you select it needs to be comfortable; else you might end up with a huge tantrum on your hands. The suit needs to be soft and breathable. As compared to girls, shopping for boys is a little bit tougher as they are don’t usually like shopping or dressing up.

Most boutiques sell suits as per age. And since size can always be an issue; you would need to make them try the suit on to make sure that it fits well. If he makes a fuss to try it on, you could measure his height, waistline, chest and neck and accordingly choose the size of the outfit. Traditional wedding stores and boutiques would tailor the suit as per your child’s size.

There are some who prefer renting a suit. Formal wear is not something a kid that young uses often and hence this is also an idea that could work.

Style – Before you physically go hunting boutiques or stores; try an online search for what kind of styles are in vogue. You would also need to decide on the colour; as it needs to match the bride’s wedding dress and the theme. Page boy outfits also need to traditionally match the groom’s outfit.

Payment – This is a little of an awkward issue. At times it is the parents who shell for the page boy suits, while sometimes the bride pitches in. Well, it is pretty much an issue of understanding.

Practice – Once the page boy suits Sydney is ready, make sure that your boy wears it for some time before the big event. Let him get used to it, so he isn’t surprised on the big day. You can make sure that it is comfy and doesn’t have any itches or rubs. Obviously, such little boys are not used to wearing formal clothes and need to get used to the idea. Though make sure that the trial of the suit doesn’t lead to a dirty suit in the end. Boys being boys; they can easily get their outfits dirty.

Decisions – Try and make your page boy feel important. If he helps you select the suit or even the accessories like the shoes, tie or their socks; he would feel important and would probably behave better on the big day.

Stellina Cute Couture, Princess Boutique, Little Dream in Sydney are just a few examples of places where you could get some amazing little page boy suits.

Also, make sure that the page boy suits Sydney are not bought too much in advance. Boys grow fast and they might just outgrow the suit making it an expensive affair for you.

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